Additional Resources

Association for Psychological Science

The Association for Psychological Science has an excellent resource page with links to research articles about racism, implicit bias, and policing.

Society for Research in Child Development

SRCD Commons is an online community platform from The Society for Research in Child Development where you can find the community Building an Antiracist Society. There are great resources for developmental scientists and students to explore regarding how to foster an antiracist society.

American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association Resource page on Racism, bias, and discrimination contains many links to additional podcasts, videos, and research articles.

Taking Action

White Anti-Racism & Action

Dr. Kim Case, Professor of Psychology and Director of Faculty Success at Virginia Commonwealth University, offers a 12-week online self-study course on anti-racism. Dr. Case is a social psychologist who studies intersectionality, and has designed this course primarily for white people who want to take action but need help getting started.