NPR - The Hidden Brain

The Hidden Brain — “The Air We Breathe:  Implicit Bias and Police Shootings”

This NPR podcast examines the psychology of implicit bias, and how it affects everyone in a culture – not just police officers.

Opinion Science podcast

Opinion Science — Systemic Racism through a Cultural Psychological Perspective – Phia Salter

Phia Salter is an associate professor of Psychology at Davidson College, and in this episode she draws a contrast between thinking of racism as an individual bias versus thinking of it as systemic. She talks about her research on the “Marley hypothesis” and the ways in which our environments’ discussion of racial issues shapes our own views.

The Psychology Podcast

The Psychology Podcast — Implicit Bias and Open Science with Brian Nosek

This episode of The Psychology Podcast is targeted more toward researchers in psychology than the general public, but it includes an in-depth discussion of the current state of the science on implicit bias, including some of the controversy surrounding the use of the Implicit Association Test.